The DREAM TEAM is at the heart of Experience Church. It's where we experience community and use our unique gifts & talents to make an impact on others. We would love to have YOU on the team, helping create more experiences for others to grow closer to and more like Jesus. 

Check out the different teams below. Fill out the portion at the bottom with your area of interest. We'll contact you shortly and help you find your spot on the team.   

COMMITMENT LEVEL: The Dream Team requires a 6 month commitment. Each team leader can share with you in more detail of what the specific weekly/monthly time commitments are. Some teams have an audition process. We love to teach & train. 




This friendly team loves people and makes them feel at home. They welcome guests with a smile, encouragement and personal touch so that hearts are open to the Gospel message.

HOST TEAMS: Greeters, Ushers, Hospitality & Food, Security, Next Steps Facilitators.


KID'S TEAM: Creates an environment in our kids where children are consistently exposed to the real love of Jesus. They intentionally invest in the lives of our children through worship, videos, activities, community groups, greeting, games and more. Birth - 6th grade. Background check required.

YOUTH TEAM: Building the next generation through worship, learning about the Bible and how to pray. This team leads community groups, create special events and mentor our youth. Background check required.


This team creates & executes our weekly worship experiences, both on Sunday & mid-week and for seasonal events. One of the largest teams, requiring the most commitment.

WORSHIP TEAM: Worship Leaders, Vocalists, Instrumentalists, Songwriters. Audition required.

PRODUCTION TEAM: Sound Production, Lighting Production, Slide/Screen Production, Experience Producer, Stage Designers, Setup/Teardown Team.


The Creative Team at Experience Church serves every activity & department in the life of the church from weekly Worship Experiences, mid-week events, Worship Nights, seasonal events and special projects. Our vision is huge of what we want to build and create. There are currently MANY openings on this team. If you have gifts, talents, experience or a deep desire to learn a new skill, we would love to talk with you!

EXP VISUALS: Photography, Film, TV/Broadcasting, Graphic Design Storytellers, Visual Arts

COMMUNICATIONS: Email/Newsletters, Social Media, Web Updates, Ads, Text Announcements

TECH: Live Video, Web Design & Development, App Development, Ideation

Current openings:

• Graphic Design: 2-3 people, 2-6 hours per week. Design Worship Guide, Mailchimp newsletters, campaign signs, worship experience graphics, social media graphics.

• Photography: 2-8 people, 2-4 hours per week. Shoot weekly events, off-site shoots. Skilled photo editors also needed.

• Website designers: 1-4 people needed. 1-6 hours per week. Weekly website updates, create new website.

• Film/Video: 2-8 people needed, 2-10 hours per week. Capture live videos during weekly events; create short films.

• Drama, Dance, Spoken Word, other Performing Arts: for weekly & seasonal events.

• Tech: join our team as we ideate & develop new tech to solve issues & fulflill our heartbeat.

• Storytellers: 2-4; writers & editors to help us gather & tell stories in new creative ways.


The prayer team is one of the great momentum changing, life-transforming ministries of Experience Church. It’s everyday people accomplishing extraordinary outcomes, through fervent, Spirit-filled prayer! There are three ways you can be involved.

PRAYER LINE TEAM: A digital prayer response team where we pray via email for the weekly prayer requests submitted by those at church.

ALTAR PRAYER TEAM: Person to person prayer during our Weekend Worship Experiences where we minister to those responding at the alta.

PRAYER EVENT SUPPORT: An ideas and action team that helps serve special prayer events at our church such as Worship Nights and 21-Days of Prayer.


We believe that real life change takes place in the context of relationships. As a Community Group Leader, you have the greatest opportunity to connect with others, fulfill your passions, develop your gifts and live out God’s call to reach people. Groups have 3 sessions per year.

GROUP HOSTS: For those who love hospitality and/or have a home/venue that a group can meet in.

GROUP LEADERS: Lead or co-lead a community groups in the Bay Area. Choose a topic, a neighborhood or a similar life experience to build your group around.

ALPHA LEADERS: Alpha is an 8-week course to help people learn more about Jesus, the Bible, faith & culture. Lead, co-lead or host a group.


This team utilizes their gifts of administration and organization to serve the church in administrative areas like data entry, mailer preparation, analytics and more.