Across the Bay 


Community groups meet weekly in SF, East Bay, Peninsula, and Fairfield. Joining one will grow you closer to God and closer to your new friends. It's so refreshing to find people that truly care and encourage you while navigating through life together. You can join a group at any time! We have groups for men, women, couples, families, young adults, and youth. 

You will not be disappointed by coming.
It’s a welcoming place, filled with friendly people. For me, the biggest thing was that they didn’t push. They let me go at my own pace.
I love it!
— John Michael, Yelp Review

You're invited this sunday


Sunday 9:30AM  |  GREEN VALLEY  |  1350 Gold Hill Rd, Fairfield

Sunday 11AM  |  SF TREASURE ISLAND  |  401 13th Street, San Francisco